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Wine Tank Refurbishment


Food & Beverage



January 2017



Aged Concrete Tank



Damp-crete™ RH 800 (Concrete Primer)

Chem-concrete™ RI 800 (Flexible filler)

Epo-chem™ RB 500 (Wine & Beer Approved)






System applied within the past 18 months was not FDA approved and tainted 1,000’s of litres of wine. Removal of existing delaminating coating system and to provide a sound coating solution system to prevent future leaks and tainting of final product.


Chemco’s Solution  

We recommended priming with RH 800, a moisture tolerant damp concrete primer, followed by RI 800 for the deep pitted areas and any joins that require filling. Top coated using RB 500 and chopped strand mat to prevent coating from cracking when the precast pieces of concrete move. This system has an extremely fast turnaround and cure time.

The benefits include no odour during application and is approved for wine and beer tank applications.


Wine leaking from concrete tank
Wine leaking from concrete tank
Pit filling and lamination of all construction joins
Pit filling and lamination of all construction joins
Application in confined space in comfort
Application in confined space in comfort
Completed internal lining
Completed internal lining



Remove existing lining of the wine tank by destructive methods and abrasive blasting to provide a surface profile. Application of coatings as above, allow to cure for 3 days prior to return to service.



A long term leak free internal composite surface designed for beer and wine applications approved by the FDA.


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